About Us

About Us

Welcome to KindIsrael – The Heartbeat of Israeli Ingenuity

The Impact We’ve Made

Our Impact

Since our inception, KindIsrael has reached thousands of readers, sharing the transformative effects of Israeli innovations. From facilitating dialogues in international forums to supporting on-the-ground initiatives that implement these innovations, our impact grows daily.

Our Origins

Our journey began with a simple realization: the stories of Israeli innovation and its impact on health, science, and technology were not just local tales but global narratives that deserved a broader stage. From the bustling tech hubs of Tel Aviv to the research labs of Jerusalem, every invention, every breakthrough, and every idea had a story worth sharing. Thus, Kindisreal was born – a place dedicated to bringing these stories to light.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kindisreal and Israeli Innovation


Kindisreal is dedicated to highlighting and celebrating Israeli innovation in various fields such as health, science, and technology. Our goal is to enlighten, inspire, and showcase the impact of these innovations on a global scale.
We regularly update our content with fresh stories, interviews, and insights. Our team is constantly researching and collaborating to bring you the latest developments and inspiring stories from the world of Israeli innovation.
Absolutely! We welcome contributions from writers, innovators, and enthusiasts in the field of technology, health, and science. If you have a story or an experience related to Israeli innovation that you’d like to share, please reach out to us through our website’s contact page.
No, Kindisreal is an independent platform with no affiliation to any government or political organization. Our sole focus is on sharing inspiring stories of innovation and creativity from Israel, irrespective of politics.
Our content is meticulously researched and reviewed by a team of experienced writers and editors. We also collaborate with experts and innovators in the fields we cover to ensure that our content is accurate, informative, and up-to-date.
Yes, educators are encouraged to use our content for educational purposes. We believe that sharing these stories can inspire and motivate students in various fields. However, we request that Kindisreal be cited as the source when our content is used.
Yes, Kindisreal offers a subscription service where readers can sign up to receive updates, newsletters, and alerts on new content and features. You can subscribe through our website to stay connected with the latest stories of Israeli innovation
The best way to support Kindisreal is by engaging with our content, sharing it within your network, and contributing to the discussions on our platform. We also appreciate any feedback or suggestions that can help us improve and grow.